MTZ tractor has 31t gears, which is a diesel powered wheel type general-purpose tractor. In 1959, its gears were designed by the famous German tractor manufacturer DEUTZ. Mtz-50pl “Belarus” is a class 1.4 wheeled tractor. This section covers maintenance and safety precautions to ensure proper use. It also provides a list of possible problems when operating the tractor.
D-50 diesel tractor with 31t gears
The d-50 diesel tractor was designed in 1939 and began production soon. The engine power has been increased by 10 horsepower, and the tractor is smaller and lighter than the previous generation. A 31t gearbox is also added, and the d-50 is called “kirovez” tractor. This is a good general agricultural tractor and tractor. The d-50 has a 31 ton gearbox
It is also equipped with drive pulleys for binders, lawnmowers, or other implements.
The d-50 diesel tractor is equipped with a 31t gear transmission. It has different fuel systems. Diesel tractors are usually equipped with a higher fuel system than the normal fuel system, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The higher the fuel economy, the smaller the engine. The fuel system efficiency of the d-50 diesel tractor is lower than that of the gasoline tractor, so it is important to check the fuel economy of the d-50 before purchasing.
Mtz-50pl “Belarus” is a class 1.4 wheeled general purpose tractor
In the late 1930s, the Soviet Union produced a large number of tractors. One of them is mtz-50pl, a wheeled general purpose tractor. In 1965, it won the gold medal at the Leipzig International Fair. By the end of the decade, tractors had become the national standard. This was the most popular tractor during the cold war.
This is the first wheeled tractor manufactured in the Soviet Union. In 1948, Minsk tractor factory began to design mtz-2 universal row crop tractor with the support of the Ministry of agriculture of the Soviet Union. The prototype was completed in 1949 and mass production began on October 14, 1953. The prototype weighs 3.25 tons and is equipped with a 37 HP 4-cylinder diesel engine. This tractor has no cockpit and is equipped with pneumatic tires.
Mtz-50pl “Belarus” has 4 drive wheels for various agricultural tasks. This is Takano mtz-52 tractor has 4 mtz-52 driving wheels, which is especially useful when the soil moisture is high. It is also used as a construction vehicle, mainly for the construction of dams.
Safety precautions
When using the 31t gear, it is necessary to take some safety precautions. The first is to ensure that the tractor is in neutral. Keeping the tractor in neutral prevents a fall from the front, but you also need to make sure you use the correct gear. Then, remember to wear gloves when using any accessories and do not engage the PTO while the tractor is moving.
Another safety measure involves connecting the front loader to the tractor. Never raise the load above the drawbar. Otherwise, you are at risk of rollover. If a front loader is used, always make sure that the bucket is low, as this will ensure greater visibility and stability. Always remember to place the front loading bucket down or up to reduce the risk of excavation.
gears repair
If you need to maintain the 31t gear of MTZ tractor, you should understand the possible causes. Improper maintenance of 31t gear may cause this problem to occur again. This may cause other problems with the tractor, including improper starting and poor performance. The following are some tips on how to maintain the 31t gear of MTZ tractor.
Check the cylinder block. The cylinder block is the main component of MTZ tractor engine. The engine has 4 vertical holes, and the installation of each sleeve can reduce corrosion and wear. The cylinder block is connected to the cylinder head with asbestos gaskets. This shim reduces wear and allows you to operate the engine when the clutch is engaged. This means that the 31t gears are easy to maintain, but they are also easy to damage.

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