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Sliding Gate Rack Installation

You need to follow a few critical steps when installing a sliding door frame. These steps will help ensure that the gantry remains safe while it is in operation. After following the instructions, you can start installing the door. After determining the motor you need, you must decide where to mount it. The motor unit should be installed under the guide bracket. The motor unit should be screwed into a level concrete surface.
Next, you need to install the motor and rack, and pinion. This can be a relatively simple DIY project. Installation of the motor, rack and pinion will only take a few hours. You will also need to prepare the site with fence posts and concrete. You will need a power drill, coach screw, and angle grinder. To install the rack, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. To ensure proper installation, consult an electrician.
After completing these steps, you are ready to install the sliding door frame. You can choose to install a concrete track or bolt-on. If you choose the latter option, you should ensure that the centerline is at least 80mm from the surface of the column. Be sure to measure the length of both rails before you start pinning. You can use strings to help you keep your track straight. Once you’ve measured the length of the track, you can install it.

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